Mediterranean Diet Good For Planet Eating Less Meat And More Fruit, Veg And Whole Grains Can Be Healthy And Inexpensive, Too

4. Eat at least 3 servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables per day. 5. Drink at least 7 glasses of wine per week. 6. Limit red meat, processed meat, dairy products, cookies, cakes, and pastries. 7.

Could ‘America’s Sweetheart’ Be the Gateway to Kids’ Consumption of Diet Sodas?

It turns out the Mediterranean diet delivers. For one, itas simple to follow. The dietary guidelines are quite general a it doesnat prescribe specific meals or special foods to eat, and there are no hard and fast rules to obey. As a result, the diet is remarkably easy to implement, itas flexible, and it doesnat take any extra time to prepare your food. In fact, I found the diet helped to simplify my meals, which actually reduced the time I spent in the kitchen. Secondly, the Mediterranean diet helps to save you money. The mix of foods in the diet generally doesnat cost as much as the foods in a typical western meat-based diet. As well, following the diet forces you to eat at home more often. While itas certainly possible to make healthy eating choices while dining out, it can be difficult to moderate the ingredients and portions of your meals at restaurants.

Moreover, 77 percent of respondents surveyed showed an interest in trying or buying the product. The respondents discussed the ad’s impact in terms of its entertainment value and inspiration with one participant saying, “Diet Coke gave Taylor Swift the inspiration to write her song; if I drink it maybe it will inspire me to write too.” Another stated, “We love her music; if Taylor thinks its good for her it must be good for me.” One respondent declared, “If you are a real Taylor Swift fan you will want to try it. She’s beautiful, pretty and a great singer. Who wouldn’t want to be like her?” One participant also revealed, “I’m not allowed to drink Diet Coke, but after seeing Taylor in this ad it made me want to drink soda or regular Coke.” These verbatim responses are consistent and exemplify the reactions of the participants in the study. However, in terms of believability, seven out of 10 kids doubt if Taylor truly stands behind the brand or if she actually consumes Diet Coke on a regular basis. Their purchase interest drops down significantly to 23 percent after a discussion on the unhealthy effects of diet sodas. Many of them cited diet sodas as having “acid,” “empty carbs,” “fake stuff,” “artificial sugars” and “sweeteners” that could lead to serious health problems and they do not believe Taylor Swift, who is, by their account, “pretty,” “healthy,” and “active,” would regularly drink an unhealthy product. The respondents also expressed concerns that Taylor Swift is endorsing Diet Coke for additional fame and money regardless of the implications to kids’ health.


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